Thinking About Going Into Business for Yourself? Maybe You Shouldn’t…

Thinking about going into business for yourself? Maybe you shouldn’t…

Thinking of going into business for yourself? With today’s uncertainties, it’s more appealing than ever. Who wouldn’t want to be their own boss? Having control over one’s own career and no need to worry about downsizing! It may sound glamorous, but it’s not for just anyone. Having your own business is hard work. There are personality traits that can make it even more difficult to succeed. Before embarking on such an undertaking, it’s important to take an honest inventory of yourself. See if any of these traits, as I outline, apply to you. If so, you may want to rethink opening your own business, at least until you have addressed some of these issues.


As a business owner, decision making will be part of your daily routine. If you struggle with decision making, because you fear making the wrong choice or of being wrong, then running a business will be more problematic than it needs to be. It’s important to be able to look at the facts, make a call and stick with your decision. You must be able to accept the consequences and make adjustments when necessary. Be willing to act; otherwise opportunities will pass you by.

Playing the Blame Game

Business owners must take responsibility for their business decisions and even those of employees. Being the boss means you are in charge, and that means being responsible. Blaming others when things go wrong doesn’t solve problems. Clients don’t want to hear excuses; they just want solutions. Learn to take responsibility; as the owner, you have to own everything that happens. A particular issue may not be your fault, but you need to step up and work to find answers instead of pointing fingers. Use problems that arise as opportunities to learn. Learning to run the business more smoothly will inspire confidence from both clients and employees.

Looking for Fast Money

If your sole motivation for opening a business is to make quick, easy money, you might want to re-evaluate. Of course every business owner needs to make money, but if money is your only motivation, you will lose heart quickly. All new businesses take big investments of time; you will have to put everything into it. Monetary rewards may not come for quite awhile; in the meantime, you need to be passionate and persistent at what you are doing.

Going to Extremes

If minor setbacks send you for a loop, you will be spinning out of control quite often as a business owner. You will make many mistakes, and things will go wrong. Being flexible, keeping a cool head and being able to “reset” are invaluable tools in owning a business. Most problems can be fixed quite easily if you remain calm and don’t overreact. On the other hand, avoid being wildly optimistic; don’t entertain delusions of grandeur. Be realistic and stay focused on your goals. If you are unpredictable and given to extremes, clients will be leery.

Chronic disorganization

Is your desk a mess? Does your workspace stress you out? If so, this is not any way to run a business. Chaos not only makes your job more difficult, a messy desk looks unprofessional. It also affects your frame of mind; a clear work area reduces tension and helps you focus. The good news is that perfection is not the goal; keeping a neat work station is not as hard as it may seem. You can take classes to help, and sometimes just a little time spent each day working on piles or keeping clutter at bay can pay off.

If you are contemplating owning your own business, a little preparation can save you a lot of grief down the road. Evaluate your characteristics honestly; if you’re not ready now, maybe all you need is a little time and a bit of self-improvement. Anything worth doing takes effort; owning a business is no exception.