A Gap Year Can Help You Save More for College

A gap year is time that you take off after graduating high school instead of entering college right away. Students can use this time many ways. Some use it for personal enrichment, traveling or volunteering through organizations like AdventuresCrossCountry.com. For some, the concept of a gap year is becoming desirable as a way to deal with disillusionment over the economy and a poor job market. It gives them a chance to decide if they want college at all.

A Working Gap Year

While programs for travel and volunteerism are noble endeavors, some students are deciding instead to use the time to try different trades and make extra money to put towards college. This fruitful approach to a gap year gives students a clearer picture of what studies they want to take once they enter college and it gives them some extra money to help pay for an education. These students can take a few months in a gap year program but spend most of the year in the working world.

An Open Learning Environment

At this time in their lives, many students are still ready to learn, but perhaps not ready for solid structured environments. This makes a gap year an excellent option for high school seniors who are looking to gain new skills by learning new skills at jobs outside of traditional classrooms.

Character Building

A gap year can also give students feelings of pride, accomplishment and independence, all of which will make their college experiences more productive. Many gap year students choose to live on their own and some students will choose an experience that takes them far from the comforts of home. This gives students a glimpse of live outside their comfort zones and prepares them to live independently once they start college. They learn how to become self-reliant, an important skill for later success.

A Safe Place to Fail

Another aspect of a gap year that appeals to students is the chance to learn from mistakes when they will not cause permanent damage to their college records. Not every experience will be successful and students who learn to cope with failure will be better prepared to handle both failure and success in the future. They learn how strong they really are when they see themselves overcoming failures and moving on to new endeavors.

Advantage over the Competition

A gap year also provides students with experiences that most college freshman will not have. In certain highly competitive fields, a gap year can be a clear advantage, showing a student’s ability to work hard and persevere. It can also open other avenues and opportunities to explore while in college, such as studying abroad. Above all, the different jobs they work allow students to mature and become more focused, which are skills that will be to their advantage when beginning their college years. The jobs they work during a gap year will also create a comforting nest egg that can be used for emergencies during college years.