Easy Jobs for College Students

Many college students realize they need jobs not only to earn extra income for college expenses, but also to list as work experience on their resumes. With class schedules often times unpredictable, many students are have a difficult time finding a job that fits around their school schedule. However, some jobs are a perfect fit for students, allowing them to earn money while still focusing on their education, by working from their dorms or right on campus.

Writing for the Web

Students can earn money writing for online content sites. Once registered with an online content site, individuals can start submitting articles or blog posts. Some sites have pre-selected topics for authors to write about, and other sites allow writers to choose their own topics. Online content sites pay writers up-front payments, residual payments, or a combination of the two for the content they write and submit.


Most people start blogs as a way to express their thoughts about what interest them, and hope that someone will read it. However, few people realize that bloggers actually have the ability to earn income. It takes time to earn money from blogs, but with the right understanding of internet marketing techniques, individuals can start to earn residual pay.

Link Building

Blogs and websites need inbound links to their site to be considered credible by the search engines. They are several ways to get inbound links such as writing articles, blog comments, and other methods. These tasks can be tedious and often times are outsourced to students by internet marketers.

Virtual assistant

Many entrepreneurs hire independent contractors to perform administrative and accounting tasks. As the name suggest, these jobs are performed over the internet. Virtual assistants may be responsible for answering phone calls, creating and responding to emails, creating newsletters, bookkeeping, and data entry.


Writers and online content sites often hire individuals to proofread content before publishing it. This is a great job for students who possess good grammar skills. It can also be a great resume builder for those who seek careers as editors after graduation.

Professor’s Research Assistant

Research is a huge part of funding for colleges and universities. This creates an opportunity for students to become research assistants. Often times, students can find positions within their major. They are able to gain valuable researching skills, and possibly earn great recommendations from professors in the future.

On-campus IT Support

If you are working towards an IT degree or related discipline, you may have the chance to land an on-campus IT support job. Many times these jobs are run through work-study programs. IT support jobs will give students valuable work experience for careers in the IT field.

Paid Internships

Students can find paid internships related to their major through the career services department. The internships allow students to gain work experience, usually have work hours that fit around their class schedules, and often times can count as credit hours towards a degree plan.