Saving Money on Home Entertainment

In most homes across the country, people regularly sit down in front of the TV for entertainment and relaxation. Whether you are easing into your day by watching a morning show with your coffee or relaxing at the end of the day with your favorite sitcoms, if you are like most, you watch hours of TV each week. Because of how much time you spend watching TV, you may think the price you pay for your cable TV plan is worthwhile.

You may be paying $100 or more for an extended cable plan that gives you access to hundreds of different channels, but you may be paying more money than you need to for access to your shows. With some effort, you can continue to watch TV for a third of that price, if not less.

Streaming Video Devices

You may be aware that you can watch TV shows from major and lesser known television networks online. Most networks allow viewers to simply visit their website and watch the latest episodes of their favorite shows directly from their websites for free. Of course, you want to relax in your favorite chair or couch to watch TV, and you may want to watch those shows on your large screen TV rather than on your small computer screen.

The fact is that you can purchase streaming video devices that can be hooked up to your TV in the same fashion as a cable box would, and these streaming video devices will allow you to watch many of your favorite shows at a more affordable price. The devices are typically available for under $100 at many popular stores. This is a one-time expense. Several different streaming video services give you access to your favorite shows for under $10 or $20 per month.

Using Your Computer

If you don’t want to pay for these services or purchase a streaming video device, you can also consider linking your computer to your TV. You can purchase a wireless keyboard that can serve as a remote control. So you won’t have to get up and fiddle with your computer when you want to watch a different show. Through your computer, you can watch TV shows from network sites for free.

Few people really want to give up watching TV altogether to save money. When you think about giving up cable to save money, you may think that this means giving up on watching TV altogether. However, the fact is that you can watch your favorite shows at a fraction of the price by hooking your computer up to your TV or by investing in a streaming video device. Cable TV is among the most expensive ways to watch your shows. By switching to a more affordable viewing option, you can save money each and every month. This post from, a website chock-full of money saving tips for the whole family.