Never Pay for Music Again!

With the online options for free music these days, it doesn’t make much sense to pay for your music anymore. You can tell a website your favorite song and it will play only songs you love. You can make a playlist of your favorite songs and play it for free. You can even watch music videos for free. Given the options available, you can enjoy a lot of great music without spending a dime.

Online Streaming Music

Services like Pandora and Grooveshark offer streaming music to your desktop 24 hours a day. Each service puts a different spin on the musical experience, though. With Pandora, you choose a type of song that you like and then the service will put together a playlist of songs that have similar music styles. Pandora won’t allow you to listen to a specific song immediately, but it is a great way to find new bands that you will probably love. It’s amazing how well the site nails it when creating a good playlist.

Grooveshark playlists are just the opposite – you select every song that you want to hear. Once you create a playlist, Grooveshark will show you the playlists of other listeners who chose the same band you did. You can discover some great new music by exploring the other bands on another listener’s playlist. The downside of this service is that they don’t have every song, but chances are they have the one you are looking for.

The YouTube Option

Almost any song and artist you can name has been uploaded to YouTube. You can find official videos from the music label, slideshows created to accompany the songs, or remakes by random YouTube users with a wide range of talents. If you want to listen to several songs in a row, you can create a playlist that will automatically play the next video when the first one is finished. It can take some time to create a few hour’s worth of music, but it is fun to browse through the different video interpretations of some of your favorite songs for free.

Don’t Forget the Library

Not every library is online, but your local library is home to a wide range of music that you can borrow for free. Many libraries still offer vinyl records for purists, as well as cassette tapes and DVDs. Borrowing an album from the library is a great way to get free music.