Get Creative and Save on Entertainment

You’ve been working all week and now it’s time to reward yourself. So what should we do about this without breaking the bank? There are many things that a person can do for entertainment that are going to be inexpensive or in some cases even free.

We know that you’ve got plenty of other things to spend your money on like bills, and then even more bills; so what kind of things can we do out there to entertain ourselves without spending our hard earned cash? Well, we’ve done a little research for you, so now you can have fun without spending all of your money.

It’s a good idea to limit eating out at restaurants to one day a week. For a family of four, or even a socialized gathering with friends or coworkers, it can run you between $25 and upwards of $100. Maybe we can think about choosing just one day per week — let’s say a Friday night — to form this gathering. Another great idea to think about, is even inviting your friends or coworkers over to your house for dinner. What about canceling the entire dinner plans and instead just meet up for coffee or tea? Looking for ideas to minimize the overall costs of entertaining with food is going to be a huge money-saving idea for your wallet.

Maybe it’s time to consider taking up a hobby? You can join a low-cost group who might share your similar interests with things like; camping, board games, arts and crafts, photography, museums or budget getaways. There are plenty of ways to go about finding these free entertainment ideas just by searching on the Internet. Is reading books or magazines one of your interests? Then of course you can go right down to your local library. Libraries today carry all sorts of things besides just books, so you can get creative when you go there. Check out things like DVDs and videos as well. While you’re at the library, take a look at the bulletin board and see if they have some community activities.

Still another way to save on entertainment is to take a look at your cable or satellite dish programming. With the programming aspect, you need to decide if paying for literally hundreds of channels, that you’re not watching anyway, is such a good idea. A lot of the premium channels like Showtime, HBO, Cinemax, or Encore seem to show redundant movies for most of the month anyhow, so consider getting rid of these costly movie channels. Since you’re already paying for your Internet service, see if you can’t find the shows or movies that you like to watch on or iTunes. With the competitive market out there between cable and satellite, chances are that you could probably negotiate a much lower price (with one company or the other) by threatening to switch with one of them.

If you’ve got tireless energy in reserve, then you can think about becoming a volunteer in your community. If you like working on houses and improving neighborhoods, then you can think about volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. Not only would this make you feel like a better person, it can help your resume; help you broaden your horizons by learning something new; and even give you the chance to meet great people! Volunteering your time for our soldiers overseas is another great example. You could put together thank you baskets, which hold many of the things that our troops are missing by not being in the good old US of A.

I know that we’ve all heard about coupon clipping. A great place to look for entertainment values are on the thousands of websites out there dedicated to just this. One quick place is A website like this can save you all kinds of money that you would rather spend on entertaining yourself and your family. They offer you a wide variety of coupons that you would be able to utilize when buying your weekly amount of groceries.

I guess what it all boils down to is using your imagination first and doing what truly grabs your fancy in life. I mean, is it going down to the ball field with your kids, walking around your neighborhood, finding yourself looking up at the stars through your telescope, or even reading magazines online? Whatever it is, you can find many ways to entertain yourself without spending your entire paycheck.