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Sunday April 21st 2019

Consumers Win on Credit Card Laws

The new US credit card reform laws that gave consumers some relief from credit card companies’ policies did not immediately bring on the predicted backlash expected. The new laws have restricted sudden hikes in interest rates, how payments are applied to accounts, and how over-the-limit fees are charged.

Mutual Insurance Companies

Traditional insurance vs. Mutual insurance: what’s the difference?

Not all insurance companies are run in the same way. In fact, there are two types of companies that provide property and casualty insurance, the types most consumers use. These include home, auto and life insurance. These companies are either owned by stockholders or by the policyholders. As you can imaging, there are significant differences between these two ways of running a business.


Seven Essential Household Tools

Saving money means prioritizing needs and making only those purchases that are truly necessary. Young couples starting out often make the mistake of buying up 10 different cleaners and filling an entire shed with tools. But you really only need vinegar or bleach to clean and you only need a few simple tools to get most home repairs done.