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Saturday December 14th 2019

Featured Post Should You Take on a Weekend Job To Make Ends Meet?

September 7, 2012

If you’re already working a full time job, adding a weekend job can be exhausting.  While it’s certainly a good short-term fix for temporary financial problems, it’s generally not a sustainable long-term solution. After a while, the never-ending circle of finishing up the work week only to work all weekend, and return to work Monday really takes it’s toll.

Recent Posts Arizona Congressman Wants to “Hang Up” Free Cell Phone Program

September 12, 2012

Ever get frustrated with your cell phone bill? What if you could get both your cell phone, and a healthy number of minutes each month at no cost…(source

Finding a Contract Accountant

…Because I do have an interest in personal finance, many of my friends approach with questions, and I always recommend they do what I did…find a contractor accountant. After all, I don’t answer legal or health questions…but I can point people to a doctor or lawyer that I trust.

Do you Need PPI?

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is a type of insurance that will step in and cover your loan payments in specific situations where you are financially unable to meet your obligations.

UK Economy on the Rise, But Not There Yet

…perhaps not a reason to celebrate just yet.  Looking back over almost three years, the GDP is relatively flat, and there are still daunting issues like the ppi claims scandal to account for…